My Name is Wendy Greenslade, and this is both my passion and profession. You will find my personal style to be artistic and genuine. I aspire to capture unique angles and memorable experiences. My goal is to create images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

I’m an extremely versatile photographer, which is really a reflection of who I am as a person. I thrive on the challenge of applying my skills to a variety of different types of shoots. My work varies from warm, heartfelt family moments to fast-paced, wild and funky projects like music or entertainment venues. I am a very professional, hard-working person devoted to my work as a photographer. I want your experience with me to be fun, comfortable, and exceed all your expectations!

I never did set out to be a photographer professionally… photography was always a hobby of mine, and it has always been very rare to catch me without a camera in hand. Over the years, the hobby turned into a passion and an outlet for my creativity. I strive to continually develop my craft and am constantly keeping up-to-date with classes and I enjoy learning from other photographers. I am particularly interested in the editing process, which satisfies my love for art and my developed style.

In addition to my work capturing special moments for individual clients and their families, I have added DeVry University to my client list for their RESTORE projects and faculty portraits.